who has the most epic debate?

olivia & rachel from ackee & saltfish, that's who


Have you ever asked yourself this poignant question: ‘What type of bread person am I?’? If not, then Olivia and Rachel–the two main characters of the hilarious series, ackee & saltfish [directed and written by Cecile Emeke]–may have you asking yourself one of life’s most important inquiries. On this episode, aptly-titled “breakfast”, the duo have an epic debate about which slice is better–the end or the middle. After watching this intense exchange, you may never look at your family and friends the same with regards to their bread choices in life.

Director/Writer: Cecile Emeke
Assistant Director: Abraham Popoola
Olivia: Michelle Tiwo
Rachel: Vanessa Babirye
Sound: James Allen
Theme Tune: Madame Pepper – “Four Women”

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