i can’t believe it’s not your hair!


Isn’t it fabulous when you find something that is beautiful and a bargain!? I came across a fly wig that is cute and inexpensive. Now before I divulge into the details of this wig, let me preface this by saying that I am not a wig connoisseur nor a hair expert. I just like to play with wigs, especially in the winter time because it’s fun to have a stylish second hat that makes you look and feel good. (Yes, I call wigs ‘second hats.’) Also, I like to share great finds with others so today, you are the lucky recipient of this Friday find! By the way, the model’s hair in the photo above is not the wig. Sorry to burst your bubble! 😛


Me rockin’ the wig

This wig is Remi Touch QP6 by It’s a Wig!. The hair color in the photo on the left is 1B; however, it comes in a variety of colors: 1, 1B, 2, 4, LX2733, LX3347, LX3590, P1B/30, P1B/33, P4/27/30 and P4/30. If you are like me and have no clue what the hell that means, then you can view the color options HERE. Furthermore, this synthetic wig is iron friendly (350-400 degrees) and you can wash it. The packaging includes wig care instructions for you. Okay, with all the details out of the way, here are some pros and cons of this wig:

1. The wig is very natural looking. I was very surprised at how much it actually looked like my hair when it was longer and in a wrapped style.

2. It’s light on your head. Some wigs can feel too heavy but this one is super light that you almost forget you have a wig on.

3. There are combs in the wig cap. I know some people do not like combs because it can snag your real hair. However, I usually find comfort when wigs have combs. It’s a nice option to have if you want to make sure your hair is nice and secure.

4. There are tons of fun colors to choose from, from jet black to blonde which may be appealing to my adventurous wig lovers.

5. It’s inexpensive. I only spent $25 at my local beauty supply store!

1. If you want a full head of hair, this is not the wig for you. In fact, I would argue that it may be too thin. The hair density does help make the hair look more natural but the hair could’ve used a bit more body.

2. This “Quality Plus Wig” is not really that high quality. It is somewhat similar to Remi but it’s nowhere near the Beyoncé-grade of hair but given that it is synthetic and super inexpensive, this should not be a surprise.

3. There are no adjustable straps. If you have a small head, this may be an issue for you. The cap was even a little big for me and I have a pretty big head.

If you wish to view a demonstration, please click HERE. If you want to purchase this wig, you can go to your local beauty supply store or you can pick an online store HERE. Unfortunately, I am not sure which online stores are best for wig shopping so you may want to research the store before buying. I always recommend to at least try on the wig at a local store if possible because it may look great on one person and horrible on the next but you can always return it at an online store too so it’s up to you!

Do you own this wig in your collection? If so, please share your thoughts on it below!

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