need a drink? talk to heather b.

after all, she knows how to bring the punch to some rum


Hip-hop heads may know her as one of the pioneer MCs with the Boogie Down Productions; 90’s kids may remember her from the first season of MTV’s Real World and young bucks may recognize her from Shade 45’s Sway In the Morning Radio Show. However you came to know her, we can all agree that Heather B. has been rocking the entertainment industry for years and apparently has been rocking her shaker as well, creating a wide variety of delicious drinks. On her YouTube channel, The Happy Hour with Heather B., the radio host shares her favorite drink recipes that will surely have you trying mixes in your home! Below, she demonstrates how she makes one of my personal favorites — Rum Punch! By the way, this is totally making me want to call my sister and ask her to make this so I can simply sip and enjoy! (Baby sister syndrome…sorry ;)) Watch and drink responsibly folks!

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