it ain’t no lie: justin timberlake makes the best banana pudding


Look at that beauty! About three years ago, I went to New York City for my birthday on a food-a-thon, meeting with one of my friends and her son to join the ride. We went to three restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner and I can definitely say I unknowingly saved the best for last with Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality BBQ restaurant. Once the waiter knew it was my birthday, I got a free drink and a free dessert; and the dessert was more exciting than the drink! It was their “Banana Pudding & ‘Nilla Wafers” which had a “creamy vanilla pudding and ‘Nilla wafers topped with caramelized bananas” – a simple recipe but it tasted so good; maybe the pudding was freshly made from scratch or maybe it was so damn delicious because I imagined Justin Timberlake in the back with a chef’s uniform making it specially for me for my birthday. An *NSYNC fan can dream right? Ha!

When was the last time you had a fantastic dessert and where did you get it from? Let me know below! Me and my sweet tooth are awfully curious.

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