go beyond the surface for a moment


We all get caught up in the surface, the superficial, the simple, at times. We get hurt over situations that happened with this person and that person. We focus on points on charts, words written on letterhead and deadly deadlines. We feel heartbroken based on what another person said or done to us because the action pokes at our sensitive ego. We tear ourselves apart based on how we perceive our looks, our actions, our words in comparison to others. Sometimes, we feel inadequate, insecure, inferior, incomplete. If you find yourself in this negative space right now, may I suggest the following:  please ignore the surface issues and go beyond the story you’re telling yourself and others.  The illusory scene is presented for your benefit and only you can know why this moment is happening to you, for you, through you. If you are not sure of the reason, you can always ask the Universe, the Source for clarification. The problems in your life are usually blessings in disguise because they are opportunities for positive change so look at your issues from the view of your higher self and notice how small the surface truly is in the grand scheme of things.

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