having a breakdown? try shifting your perception with these 3 thoughts


When life gets the best of us, we usually reach our breaking point. Some of us break many bones at once while others just bruise in a few spots; either case, we all have had some experience with a breakdown whether it’s mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual. A lot of times, we feel embarrassed while in this space because there is this strange unwritten rule about vulnerability being a sign of weakness. This fallacy causes a lot of us to hide our breakdowns, sweeping them under couches whenever company comes over but there are actual benefits to our messy moments. Here are three thoughts you can use to shift your perception when you’re having a breakdown:

1. There is only one direction to go when you’re at rock bottom and that’s up baby!
2. Your downtime is your primetime for growth and evolution.
3. Typically, breakdowns lead to breakthroughs.

So the next time you meet your breaking point, welcome it with open arms because this only means a blessing is around the corner.

What do you do when you have a breakdown? What thoughts heal you during your difficult times? Let’s talk about it!

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