feeling lonely this holiday season?

this little *NSYNC song may just comfort you


Typically, during the holidays, we are inundated with messages of spending quality time with our family and friends but rarely, we are faced with messages for those who feel alone or depressed during this festive season. Plenty of people feel alone and even more so during “the most wonderful time of the year” because the loneliness becomes more apparent in their lives. One year, I felt depressed during the holidays even with my family around. I was about 16 years old and also a huge *NSYNC fan. During this particular time, the pop group had their ‘Ntimate Holiday Special on television where they performed their hits and new holiday songs in an intimate setting. There was one holiday song they performed that I never heard prior that really touched me. Every time I hear it, I am reminded of how comforting that moment was when I heard the ballad for the first time (and many times I played it afterwards too). Although the lyrical content was more so about a romantic relationship, I was moved by the repeated chorus and bridge of “You Don’t Have To Be Alone” because it validated my feelings of loneliness.

For anyone going through a similar experience now, please know that you are not alone at all. There are so many others who completely understand what that is like, including me and I send this song as a gift to you in hopes that it’ll provide you some sense of comfort like it has done for me. If that song is not your cup of tea, then I pray you find a song that resonates with you in this moment. If you need some help with how to manage your emotions during this time, I highly recommend reading The “No Bullsh**” Guide for Getting Through The Holidays by Vania Manipod, D.O. of Freud and Fashion.

Last but definitely not least, I pray for your happiness, your joy and your peace.

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