oh winter, we meet again…


Well, well, well winter… You are a mysterious one this year. I am not sure whether to give you a handshake or the side eye. I mean this strange up and down of temperature and lack of snow makes me wonder if the honeymoon will soon be over and mountains of snow will come and keep going through March. I truly hope not, Winter. I mean you should just take your loss like a lady and let Spring come with her warm sunshine because I’d like to not think about the terrible flashbacks of snow, ice and hell on earth. Sure, your picturesque beauty, when snowflakes fall fresh from the pale blue sky, is perfect for the two seconds it stays white but then someone has to shovel piles and piles of those flakes. And guess who does that for my home? Me. Of course, it is nice to feel the crisp, clear air that breezes through when you are here but then I recall the horrors of cold hands, cold feet and a cold nose that is always red. Rudolph has nothing on me.  It is true that being indoors for long periods of times is great for an introvert like me but being trapped inside with no way out is another story. Moreover, I do love watching figure skating during the Winter Olympics but I can’t help but reminisce about all the times I was stuck in the middle of thick and black ice thinking that I may not see another day because I am not a figure skater at all, with or without skates. Perhaps, if I think long and hard, I can come up with delightful qualities of you that do not remind me of the horrors of you but my time is precious and instead, I will be daydreaming of beaches, margaritas, and sun rays. It’s the only way I can cope with you in my life.

Readers, do you have the same thoughts on winter? If not, can you please enlighten me on the good qualities of this cold season?  Let’s talk about it!


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