a dream realized? nah, they lied

wondaland shouts the protest song


read + listen: words by me / song by wondaland

abbreviate flesh
brand its skin with 9 digits
for a sacrificial business
freedom left in womb
feeling similar to a tomb
life cycle in full circle
as death predates death
in the disguise of birth
an illusion is created
in the eyes of those with sight
in the ears of those with sound
in the mouths of those with spoken interludes
alluding to what rhythms procreate language
what actions define logical movements
what ideologies manifest destinies
program since the entrapment of spiritual forgery
lying underneath the human experience
creating a mastermind’s experiment
where scientists are veiled behind ghostly tactics
while elitists try their hardest to make contacts
developing their confusion with delusion
of secret knowledge of past lives
in alignment with deadly lies
victims despise while in pursuit of thought’s suicide
as they hide their eyes to the truth’s insights
as they silence their ears to the truth’s sounds
as they muffle their collective voice by choice
allowing the 9 numbers to finalize their livelihood
in place of empowerment that once stood
abbreviating flesh
causing re-death

Hell You Talmbout
by Wondaland Records feat. Janelle Monáe, Deep Cotton, St. Beauty, Jidenna, Roman GianArthur, and George 2.0

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