meet a stranger, make a friend

watch newfound friendships blossom


Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships because its bond is based on unconditional love for another human being. We, humans, expand our world in social situations. Even the timid must admit that the addition of another human being to share, to communicate, to bond with is priceless in this life. We typically forget the greatness of meeting a stranger and making a new friend. It is truly one of God’s most wonderful gifts that we oftentimes take for granted. However, SoulPancake, the feel-good media channel, cherished this gift through a fun and heartwarming experiment. Read the description below and watch the video. It will surely inspire you to meet a stranger and make a new friend.

“When you’re a kid, you can connect with almost anybody. But as you get older, friendships can be harder to find. SoulPancake built a fun space on a busy street corner where people could take a seat and make a new friend.” (Source)

You can learn more about Soul Pancake HERE.

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