hip hop + healthy living

dead prez proves this to be a match made in food heaven


Can hip hop and healthy living be happy together? Of course! The two can and has co-existed with one particular song by conscious rap group, Dead Prez. On their debut album, Let’s Get Free, they featured the aptly-titled Be Healthy which contains lyrics that spell out their personal regiment of healthy living — veganism, exercise, plenty of water and some ganja. Now, I am not here to push veganism nor a need to smoke herb to be healthy but I do promote an overall healthy lifestyle, however that looks for you, whether that includes a plant-based diet and weed or not because as they say in the chorus, “True wealth comes from good health and wise ways.” So let’s start thinking about our health, making better food choices and listening to good vibes that promote healthy living!

By the way, here’s a random tidbit: one of the members of Dead Prez, Stic and his wife, Afya have an international multimedia and lifestyle apparel brand devoted to healthy and holistic living. You can learn all about HERE. If you are curious about this hip hop group, you can read all about them HERE.

Happy Nutrition Month folks!

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