nutritious & delicious: prep your meatless monday with shameless maya


Shifting your diet can seem overwhelming at times. However, you can always start small and work from there. For instance, a super easy way you can add more fruits and vegetables into your diet is by having a meatless Monday when you eat nothing but vegetarian/vegan meals for the entire day. Meatless Mondays give your body a rest of processing meat in your system for one full day, help the environment by cutting down the support of meat and dairy production and add a lot of nutrients into your body. Also, it can build your culinary skills by exposing you to new recipes and new ways of cooking fruits and vegetables. If you want to know where to start, then YouTube sensation, Shameless Maya can help with her three quick and easy recipes that are vegan/vegetarian-friendly. She features a recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner – perfect for a meatless Monday!

For more info on Shameless Maya, click HERE.

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