stay happy this st.patty’s day

of course, with the help of three st. patty's drinks


Nothing says a happy St. Patrick’s Day then a drink or two or twenty-five! Laura Miller of Tastemade does not offer exactly 25 cocktail recipes but she offers just enough to keep you going throughout the day nice and buzz/tipsy/drunk, once you add some Guinness/Murphy’s/Beamish beers into your day’s drinks for kicks. When you make Laura’s creations, guzzle your drinks down over the course of a full day, wake up with a mega hangover, follow my personal hangover tips and finally completely sober up, you can thank me for providing you this video. 🙂 Until then, you can watch for Laura’s Irish Coffee, Green Juice Bomb and Spiced Cider Toddy!

To learn about Laura Miller, her vegan recipes and cute quirkiness, click HERE.

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