rethink what you thought you knew with toronto's own Humble The Poet


With the overly-saturated world of YouTube, it is extremely difficult to stand out from the crowd. However, one YouTuber grabs your attention immediately with their signature line: “I got 10 years to fill a stadium but only 2 minutes to fill your cranium.” When someone spits some hot bars in the intro of a YouTube video that is clever and thought-provoking? You got to keep watching. As is the case with Toronto’s own Kanwer Singh, better known as, Humble the Poet. As a spoken word artist, MC and author, he has the ability to express his unconventional thoughts and wisdom, on a variety of topics, in a clear and concise matter. Most of his content is centered around his book, Unlearn 101 where he breaks down 101 truths for a better life. He even shares the stage with his influential YouTube friends/collaborators like Lilly Singh a.k.a. iiSuperwomanii and Yousef Erakat a.k.a. FouseyTube, allowing them to instill wisdom as well. This video is just a taste of the gems you can gather up on his YouTube channel and book so watch and get your life or at the very least, be in awe of his lovely beard! That’s hair goals! 😉

To check out more from Humble The Poet, click HERE.


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