my current crush at the moment – popcorn


Is anyone else obsessed with popcorn lately? I know the delectable treat has been around for quite awhile – 5,600 years to be exact. However, I never noticed the deliciousness of this treat until recently. Did popcorn get a makeover? Was popcorn that kid that no one wanted to play with and ended up being a sexy beast later in life? I’m starting to think so because I have never been this infatuated with this treat. I even came thisclose to making popcorn my man crush monday (MCM) but thought all that food porn would be too much for you guys to handle. Le sigh… What can I say? Food has always been a consistent love in my life and popcorn has been my Larenz Tate at the moment.

Do you have a favorite snack that you’re in love with? Do you have a favorite brand of popcorn? Let me know below.

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