what’s in your anxiety toolbox?

laura miller and i are highly curious


For those of us who deal with anxiety or any mental illness, we know it is imperative to have some tools in handy in case of flair-ups and/or panic attacks. Laura Miller, the quirky and fabulous chef I featured in March for her awesome St. Patty’s Day drinks, knows this all too well. Recently, she shared what is in her anxiety toolbox in her new engaging web series, Talking in Circles. In this episode, she offers a few strategies and techniques that have been helpful for her anxiety, alongside an open and honest roundtable discussion with Miller and her eclectic bunch of friends discussing ways they cope with their anxiety. Whether you deal with mental illness or not, this conversation may help you understand those around you that deal with these issues as well as give you ideas on how you can deal with difficulties in your life.

So what is in your toolbox that helps you stay steady mentally and emotionally in the rocky terrains of life? Let me know in the comments!

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