7 benefits of viewing life like a movie


I am sure you’ve heard the saying, “Life is like a movie” but have you ever really internalized that common phrase? There are actually a ton of benefits to this logic. Oh, let me count the ways.

1. It opens our minds to a greater perspective. When we view life as a movie, we are able to separate ourselves from the current situation in our lives. This ability to see from a distant place can grant us the pleasure of not taking ourselves so seriously and gain a greater perspective, seeing all sides of our situation. We become the director as well as the actor in our movie when we take this vantage point, making it easier to view our lives from the lens of our higher selves.

2. It makes hardships less strenuous. When a character is in a particularly tough situation, the actor is able to be fully engaged in the scene but can completely leave all of the emotional struggle of the scene behind once the director yells cut. Granted, some actors may take a little bit longer to pull away from the character but eventually, every actor is able to pull themselves away from the troubling scene because they know that the character is just that – a character. Well, in a sense, we are all characters in this grand movie called life. If we are able to stay connected with our higher selves and pull away from our immediate circumstances, we can notice that we are truly actors and actresses, allowing ourselves to have a more objective point of view when necessary and making hardships much more bearable.

3. Forgiveness becomes much easier. Once we master the second benefit, we can forgive our enemies much easier because we would recognize them as merely fellow actors and actresses that agreed to come into our lives for a purpose for the main character in our movie – You, Me, Us. If we look at our enemies with this thought: “I can love you through the scene if I know I’m acting with my friend,” then we would be able to remember our Source and love through it all and wouldn’t that be one beautiful movie to view?

4. All occurrences, no matter how dire, can be seen as works of art. The best pieces of cinema are the ones that connect to us on a deep level. Typically, these films are not the most pleasant ones. They are usually the ones that showcase the depths of our darkness alongside the heights of our light, allowing us to view the overarching beauty of the characters’ lives, especially during the hardest moments. If we applied this same idea within our own lives, we would be able to see the art of life easily.

5. The greatest stories are the ones with many twists and turns. You know a movie would be hella boring if all the characters had lives that were monotone with no depth, no unexpected moments, no major signs of emotions. That’s like going on a rollercoaster ride that stays on an even track. How fun is that!? Let’s embrace the twists and turns of our lives and realize that we are individually and collectively creating the greatest story ever told (at least on this realm ;)).

6. We could step back and enjoy the moment. When the cinematography is incredible in a movie, we are in awe of it like a little child. Why do we oftentimes forget to notice God’s cinematography and be in complete awe of that? Maybe, if we remember that life is like a movie, we would notice and appreciate the set designs of our scenes as well as all the other elements of each scene.

7. Life has a purpose and yet, has no purpose at all. Film is a creative venture that invokes a lot of emotions from the creators and viewers. However, film is like all the other arts – evasive and vague in its purpose. In one sense, film is extremely purposeful to expression and creativity but in another way, film is like a cherry on top of ice cream – an activity that is technically not necessary for humanity’s survival but delightful to take part in. Well, on a spiritual level, life is very similar. Technically speaking, living through these incarnations are not necessary for spirit’s survival but are wonderful to take part in for expression’s sake so we continuously do it over and over again for eternity. Therefore, this paradox can definitely lighten the load when we think about our current issues because they can be view as a small scene in a vast movie titled, Universe.

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