this is dedicated to anyone who has ever played that game of love


Game of Love
by Tunisia Jolyn

do this but don’t do that
say this but don’t say that
it’s hard enough to be honest
with all the hidden rules
in this game of love

wear this but don’t wear that
show this but don’t show that
it’s hard enough to be comfortable
with all the expectations
in this game of love

by the way, why is love being played
with society’s chessboard tactics?
why do we act like we are going in
for a job interview to get a match?

human emotions are manipulated
to simple logistics and safe linguistics
where strangers are stranger
because of the fear of potential danger

it’s insane how we try to act sane
by being framed to be someone tamed
as if our true selves are meant to be gamed

Lyrics are based on a poem from Life in Technicolor Vol. 1: LOVE
Arranged and Sung by me 🙂

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