sometimes death makes us the most alive

just ask hay house's anita moorjani


On February 2, 2006, Anita Moorjani was supposed to be dead. Her terminal illness had reached its worse state, leaving her in critical condition. Her cancer spread throughout her body, resulting in lesions from her neck to her abdomen. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was her diagnosis and she was at the end stage. However, despite all the signs pointing towards impending death, she miraculously healed seemingly overnight after an incredible near death experience (NDE). When she posted her unbelievable story on a popular NDE website, it reached thousands, including the late Dr. Wayne Dyer who shared her experience with the world. Currently, Anita is a published author who travels the globe sharing her remarkable story.

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Anita Moorjani & Dr. Wayne Dyer

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak live at the 2016 Hay House’s I Can Do It! conference where she retold her amazing story and shared her insights from the other side. To put it simply, she really emphasized the importance of self-love and self-empowerment. Here are just a few wise tidbits she gifted us:

  • The biggest lesson she learned during the NDE was that all of us are expressions of divine love and until we realize that, we cannot give love to the depth we want to in our lives.
  • Anita also advised everyone to make a commitment to ourselves – be our own best friend, have our own back, pick ourselves up, never criticize ourselves nor forsake ourselves.
  • Another important point that she made was that fear is an in-built survival mechanism that shuts down the immune system to fight external fear (whether real or imagined). Ex. When you say, “I should do…,” that is a sign of fear. An alternative for that statement would be “This is who I am…” which is an act of love.
  • Furthermore, Anita said to eat something healthy due to fear of getting sick is worse than eating food that is less than healthy for the love of it. The fear overrides the healthy choice so if you wish to make healthy diet choices, let it come from a place of self-love, not fear.
  • She also highlighted that illness is not an enemy. Everything takes us back to who we truly are.
  • In addition, she stated clearly and precisely that we don’t need permission from anyone to take care of ourselves.
  • Lastly, she left with this simple message as a takeaway, “You’re everything you’re trying to obtain. Don’t take yourself seriously. Have fun!”

If you wish to hear more about her experience and all she has gained from it, watch Anita Moorjani’s interview on Lilou Mace’s Juicy Living Tour Channel!

To find out more about Anita, including her upcoming speaking engagements and books, click HERE.

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