god is not monolithic


God is not monolithic.

One of the most wonderful qualities of God is that God can be the Source, the Universe, the Light, the Love, the Breeze, the Moon, the Stars, the World, the Nature, the Seed, the Birth, the Manifestation, the Energy, the Highest Vibration, the Infinite, the Divine, the Healer, the Deliverer, the Truth, the One, the Woman, the Man, the Child, the Extraordinary, the Ordinary, the Mundane, the Momentous, the Boredom, the Brave, the Pain, the Hurt, the Sorrow, the Failure, the Lost, the Found, the Pathway, the Mistakes, the Many, the Few and everything in between. God can be seen in the eyes of Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Yemoja, Aphrodite, Kebechet, the Homeless Man on the Curb, the Waitress on 54th Street, the Quiet Whisperer in Your Ear, YOU and everything in between.

God is not monolithic.

Your view is yours to enjoy, to nurture, to create, to communicate, to understand, whether in a group setting or by yourself. However, your view is just that – YOUR view that is meant for you but not necessarily for everyone else and that’s fine.

Truly, that is fine.

God is not monolithic.

Never have been, never will be.

God is, in fact, limitless.

And that is perfectly fine. It truly is.

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