let’s talk about that time when I had a friendly debate with lupe fiasco


Two years ago, one of my dreams came true so randomly. I was on my way home, taking public transit, absentmindedly scrolling through Twitter. As I was skimming through my timeline, I noticed this interaction between one of my favorite hip hop lyricists, Lupe Fiasco and one of his fans. They were discussing the importance of materials when creating and whether or not they are necessary to create at the highest level.  Lupe’s position was that materials are absolutely a must. The other person was in opposition. I, too, disagreed, believing that when there is a lack of materials, one becomes even more creative. I put in my two cents in the dialogue and to my great surprise, he responded. This quickly grew into a friendly intellectual debate! I always wanted to pick Lupe’s brain in a deep conversation, and I kind of did that with this short Twitter debate so my dream was realized in the most unexpected of ways. Also, I realized how much of a sapiosexual I truly am. What can I say? Intelligence is sexy! The more we chatted, the more I had to fan myself.

Crazy enough, I saved this convo and thought why not share it with you all!? Read below and tell me which side you are on with the debate. Since then, I started to get his position more and more but I still stand firm in my belief. (Although technically, I think there’s no right or wrong way to look at it. It’s just fun to think about it and discuss different ways to view it.) By the way, you have to read from bottom to top for each picture and go left and right as you’re going through them. 🙂

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