don’t stress, life is meant to be a mess


Have you ever seen someone tried to do twenty different dance moves at the same time? That person usually gives you vogue, the macarena, the nae nae, and the electric slide during just the intro of the song? You probably witnessed this type of dancer during parties and clubs where alcohol is served – tons of it. Well, guess what, my friend? That person is the perfect metaphor for life – a hot ass mess. And guess what else? That is the way it’s supposed to be.

Sometimes, life is a perfectly orchestrated dance routine and you are killing those moves with precision. However, there are times when the moves get a little too difficult for you to pick up on so quickly and you tend to loose grip of the steps, causing you to just freestyle on the cuff. This rollercoaster motion has a tendency to make life appear to be messy but that’s alright. Life is not always meant to be choreographed. In fact, some of the most inventive movements come from those sparks of free expression and can be a great source of inspiration behind some of your best footwork yet! Therefore, there is no need to stress because life is meant to be a mess – a beautiful mess. So the next time you find your life doing the MC Hammer, jazz-hands and ballet, embrace the dance because your mess can always turn into your best!

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