3 easy ways to surround yourself with positive energy

With all the craziness going on in the world and the supermoon passing us by, now would be a great time to clear house, clean your mind and start fresh with some good vibes. So here are 3 easy ways you can surround yourself with some positive energy that you can spread around and create some beautiful moments in the world. Lord knows we need as many of those as possible.

1. Make your phone happy. It seems like 99% of the world has a cell phone, particularly a smart one at that. With so many people connected to their phones, why not make that instrument of communication a means to create happiness. Change your ringtone to a joyful song, like Happy by Pharrell. Save a photo, work of art or an inspirational quote that makes you smile as your phone’s wallpaper. Since you check your phone probably more than you care to admit, then why not see something that instantly brings a spark of joy in your life each time you view it. Another way to spruce up your phone is by changing its outfit to something that really represents who you are. In other words, choose a phone case that truly shines and makes you feel even cooler than you already are. 🙂
2. Dress up your home, your clothes and your office with bright colors and positive reminders. Your home is your sanctuary so make it wonderful. You can add some color to your couch with a decorative pillow or get a new bedroom set to liven up your bed or hang an uplifting piece of art on your wall or if it’s safe, get some spiritual candles and incense and place them throughout your home. Talk about a nice ambiance! For your clothes, you can be daring and throw in some color with your shirts, accessories and anything else you’d like for your day to day wear (yes that includes men as well!). Lastly, for your office, you can place framed photos of loved ones that bring you joy on your desk, tape a motivational quote that keeps you going at the top of your computer or phone and if allowed, play music that relaxes and lightens your mood. You can even possibly give your cubicle/office space a full-fledge makeover (if it’s cool with your job of course).
3. Be around people that motivate and celebrate. The influence of others can make or break a person’s day so why surround yourself with negative folks that are always complaining, always putting down others, always miserable and always sad when you can find folks that are positive, peaceful, encouraging and fun? Of course, this means that your energy would have to align with theirs so start shaking off negative thoughts and start bringing in those positive vibes!

What are easy ways you surround yourself with positivity? Let’s talk about it! 

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