3 unique ways you can spruce up your dull office/cubicle


Have you ever think about how much time is spent at work? Whether you work for yourself or someone else, nine times out of ten, you are working your butt off in one solitary place for hours on end. It can be literally draining to spend so much time in one spot, especially when that spot is dull and lifeless. Well, there is good news! You have the power (hopefully) to spruce things up a bit by bringing some life and positive vibes into your office/cubicle space! Here are three unique ways to turn your space from bleh to beautiful!

1. Invite Mother Nature To Your Job Everyday. There is nothing more comforting than mother so bring in some elements of Mother Gaia with plants, rocks and crystals. Plants can clear out some negative energy. Rocks can keep you grounded on what truly matters and crystals can bring good vibes and good health on a spiritual and physical level! Even adding a bowl of fruit to your area can be a nice and nutritious addition that incorporates pops of colors and healthy alternatives to those tempting treats that usually linger at the workplace.
2. Light Up with Some Actual Lights. This may be a tricky one at some jobs but if you are capable, it would be a fun and fabulous idea to have some Christmas lights all year around. It can bring a festive feeling at all times and make your area standout and sparkle! You can also use a unique lamp that speaks to you and get your co-workers talking about your awesome style. Just make sure you turn the lights off when you’re away from your desk.
3. Put some Affirming Art On Those Blank Walls. Whether abstract or literal quotes, art can bring in some much-needed coziness to the once cold office space so bring the warmth some of your favorite artists around you.

For more inspiration, you can check out the best place for decor ideas – Pinterest!

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