give back this holiday season

help those who can't help themselves with millennial international


Did you know that there’s a crisis happening with millions of millennials? So many are lost on their own, trying their hand at adulting and being overwhelmed by it all. There is a void that needs to be filled that no one seems to notice or care about but fortunately, a charity organization is stepping up to the plate to do its part. The name is Millennial International and their purpose is quite noble. They wish to enable millennials to live the Instagram lifestyle without the Instagram budget. All you have to do is give a monthly donation and you, too, can be the proud sponsor of a millennial.

Learn more about this amazing effort by clicking play.

Tis the season to give so how will you help a millennial today? 

As you ponder that thought, shout out to the comedian John Crist for this hilarious video. To learn more about him, click HERE.


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