add appetizers to your holiday menu

it will only make your greedy family members even happier


Oftentimes, we visit our family on Christmas and we wait and wait and wait for the food to be done. This meal is usually Thanksgiving 2.0 so you know we, the greedy committee, are excited and hungry. However, we all know this feeling can turn ugly if the hungry turns to hangry. To avoid that awkward situation, I recommend that the chefs a.k.a. the real MVPs try to fix up some easy appetizers to shut us up. However, I am sure their recommendation would probably be for our greedy asses to cook our own appetizers. Either way, Carolyn of Cooking with Carolyn can save the day with her three tasty and easy flavorful recipes for the holidays. Watch and make the season just a little bit more cheerful with some food honey!

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