hello 2017, can we set some good intentions with you please? thank you.


Of course, we know 2016 had a lot of what-the-fuck moments from beginning to end. I could easily list an infinite amount of wild moments but that would be a waste of time. Besides, there were a lot of great experiences that happened last year as well, so in order to have a better year, we can always learn from the negative and embrace the positive. Maybe? I know it’s an odd thing for us humans to do something so simple because we make it so damn hard. However, I believe it’s not impossible. We can start with our own personal situations and work hard towards being a better person each day this year. It’s always great to have a clear intention for our actions because it leads us towards a better-laid pathway. Yes, it is sometimes cool when we are wandering in the fog but after awhile, it gets frankly annoying and difficult to keep being lost so let’s try a new way for the new year. One list I can create are some intentions we can all use for 2017. Let’s see we could…

  • Let go of being right all the time.
  • Stop falling for the same divide and conquer tactics.
  • Stay in our lane and focus on what we’re doing.
  • Go out, make eye contact and have some real convos.
  • Build community as much as possible.
  • Not measure ourselves against others.
  • Spread much love and kindness.
  • Forgive ourselves for our shortcomings.
  • Learn to love afar when necessary.
  • Be more active towards positive and less reactive towards negative.

I am sure I can write this list all day but of course, I have to stop at some point. 😏 Please feel free to use some intentions from my list and come up with your own. I just want to spark some introspection, some honesty and some growth for all of us and now is the perfect time to do just that! Life will be life. Life will not always be rainbows, butterflies and unicorns so it’s best to be as equip as possible to learn how to adjust to the major ups and downs that will surely happen this year.

So now I want to hear from you. What are some intentions you wish to set for the new year? And how do you think you will implement those intentions for 2017? Let’s talk about it!

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