ownership really means “own your s*@%”


Own yourself completely. Own your complexity. Own your humanness. Own your space in the Universe right now. You matter in this world. Own your love. Own your hurt. Own your mistakes. Own your shit. Own all of it. You can be mighty powerful when this idea is implemented fully. Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur and that’s all right but you can still have ownership. When you fully embrace what God/Universe/Source/Love has given to you in EVERY aspect, you will be able to have complete ownership of your mind, your emotions, your actions, your spirit, your heart, your soul, your creativity – YOU – in every layer, in every way. Having ownership immediately gives you a sense of worth and purpose. It also gives you a sense of responsibility and accountability. Think about the businessman or woman who owns their flow of income, there is a certain level of power that is instilled in that person. You can have that power without the business. You can have that by simply owning your time, your energy, your space, your now. Cliché example: A janitor at a school. He or she helps keep the school running functionally. He helps the school – such a critical building at a dire time of education – run period. He/she may not have their own name listed under administrator but that person is essential to the education of those children. Unfortunately, this society doesn’t value every role but part of the issue is because we don’t value ourselves and OWN ourselves enough. We let others manipulate our self-worth, own our minds. This is what is dimming our light slowly but every intricate layer of the Universe is a beautiful landscape of artistry expressing itself. However, our art doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. We can pick other colors like purple for example.

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