what’s the role of the writer?

maybe James Altucher has a clue


“…That’s all writing is. It’s that we’re all detectives in this great mystery of life and all we can do is share clues with each other.”

– James Altucher

I caught this nugget of wisdom while watching Lewis Howes’s podcast with the super smart entrepreneur, bestselling author, and podcaster, James Altucher on New Year’s Eve. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had a pretty quiet New Year’s Eve that was filled with motivation and inspiration. I wanted to start the new year with some clarity and focus. When I was watching this interview, this quote had my mind blown. He said it so casually and I had to stop the video and just let that marinate for a minute so I am sharing it with you so that we can all have that “hm…that’s really interesting” moment together and who knows? Maybe it’ll spark a cool convo in the comments! I’m always down for that.

Click play and watch the full thought-provoking interview with these two.

Great stuff right? You can watch more podcasts from Lewis Howes, including one episode that will have so pumped and ready for the new year HERE! You can also learn more about the James Altucher HERE.

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