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lower the value of money, raise the value of love


piggy bank, pig, money, cash, coins, save, Fabian BlankOh… money. Those symbols of status are so funny. We place so much value on those coins and bills. We even determine our worth based on how many of those pieces of materials we have in our possession. We forget that life can be the sweetest with the least and life can be super bitter with the most. What really determines our level of spiritual status is how much love, kindness and compassion we have for ourselves and one another. So let’s use money as less of a value magnet and more as a foundational tool to help elevate and motivate the masses towards empowerment and peace! Once we stop the stress and concern with money, we just may be able to see more of it flow into our lives and/or start to notice the many other precious gifts of life that we truly are abundant in, like community, family, laughter and joy. Just a thought.

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