stay focus on your 2017 goals

if you need help, then ask singer/songwriter ameriie


Throughout the first month of the year, a lot of us become reflective and begin setting goals. However, many of us usually lose track of our dreams due to life just being life – the directionless train ride that can quickly go way off course if we lose control of the steering wheel. This doesn’t have to be the case. We can always get back in control by setting strong intentions and clear goals.

Singer, songwriter Ameriie offers four main goals and tips to help us maintain our focus despite whatever is going on around us in her most recent video on her channel, Books Beauty Ameriie. Usually known to discuss a variety of literature, fashion, skin care and makeup products, Ameriie breaks from her norm and dives deeper, expressing the truth about our addiction to social media, the importance of mental clarity and how it affects our energy, why it is vital to remember the old adage that “food is medicine,” and the power of visualizing what you really want in your life. Watch and keep it in your favorites in case you need a check up on your goals.

Dug this? Then read the blog that inspired this video written by Ameriie HERE and learn more about this talented woman HERE.

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