a poem i wrote about approval and appraisal


approval + appraisal

Women are reduced to body parts
To pick apart.
Men are reduced to bank accounts
To count.

Love has no room in this arrangement
Derange worth in insecure spurts
Of cocky make believe confidence
Butts sticking out for approval
Wads of cash are thrown for appraisal

Empty conversation where a nod is a notice to fuck
Personal pain where a story becomes 20 more in tears
Bathroom conceal women’s unloved confessions
And men’s confused restrictions

Love has room in this arrangement
Tasty truth spills out of pores and mouths
Broken dreams and childhood steams to surface
Giving reasons for butts sticking out for appreciation
Giving realities for cash being thrown for celebration

Poem is from Narcissism, Notes & Numinous

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