the dopest mtv unplugged that never happened

hint: it's one of those music legends...


Remember MTV Unplugged series? The show when artists, ranging from George Michael to Boyz II Men, would show their raw talent with a rare acoustic performance? Those were the good days when music shows were on Music Television a.k.a. MTV.  😏 There were some fantastic performances when they unplugged from all the pomp and circumstance of an elaborated stage set. Let’s reminiscent just a bit.

Remember when Maxwell swoon our hearts with his lovely rendition of This Woman’s Work?

Remember when Kurt Cobain asked us to come as we are with his band, Nirvana?

Remember when A Tribe Called Quest and other hip hop legends went acoustic?

Remember when Boyz II Men begged us not to go and Shawn shined with his classic 90s adlibs?

Remember this fantastic rendition of the classic, “I’ll Be There,” by Mariah Carey?

Speaking of “I’ll Be There,” I think the artist who I think would’ve had the dopest Unplugged performance is  Michael Jackson. Can you imagine that? If you think about it, we have never seen a stripped down performance by the King of Pop at the height of his career. It would’ve been so dope to see just him, sitting down (or attempting to…you know he couldn’t help but move) and showing off his vocals with different arrangements of his classic hits. That would’ve been sooooooooooo dope!

In fact, I found the perfect video that showcases his vocals that may help you see why I think this is the best Unplugged that never happened.

Who is one artist you wished did an MTV Unplugged performance? Let me know below!

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