my latest obsession

hint: it's adorable and tiny!


As a person with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, one of the funny effects is that I oftentimes get totally obsess about the most random things. My brain just has to constantly be fixated on something. I am not even sure if it is due to my mental health or this society with its constant stream of new information. Hmmm… whatever it is, it makes me laugh at my quirky ass. Lately, I have discovered the wonderful and adorable world of tiny houses. I am seriously considering saving up for one and funny enough, my sister is also interested unbeknownst to me until I mentioned my latest obsession to my mother who exasperated, “I don’t know what’s up with you and your sister’s fascination with tiny houses!” My mother don’t know about that life but maybe you do and if not, you probably will fall in love with these tiny abodes. There is a huge variety of styles and layouts with these homes. Also, they can be very easy on the pockets, especially if you have some building skills. Just watch some of my favorite homes below and be equally obsess with me! Who knows? Maybe we can create a community of tiny homes… maybe? A girl can dream! I’d love to hang with you cool cats!

Very cozy and very perfect (for me at least!)

Not about that loft life? No problem!

You can also have a tiny family in your tiny house!

And you can always go next level if you got the funds!

Addicted? Interested? Then, view as many tiny home videos as your little heart likes on YouTube! And please let me know if you are just as crazy about tiny homes as me right now! We can totally have a long convo below! I’m always down for that.

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