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that one youtube couple that are so #relationshipgoals


As I have mentioned in a few posts, I have a slight addiction to YouTube. It’s my main form of entertainment and the best part about it? I get to pick and choose what I want to watch. When it comes to vlogs, I love to see genuine love so when I discovered Jess and Jovahn’s couple channel, Lewis, Love, and Family, I was hooked! If you’re a naturalista like myself, then you may know Jess and her gorgeous hair from her popular channel, Mahogany Curls where she offers a ton of product recommendations and reviews, tips and tutorials for sistas with natural hair. Her husband, Jovahn, has just recently created a male-centered channel of his own titled Jovahn The Dreamer where he offers advice and guidance to young brothas. However, in my humble opinion, their best channel is the one where they show off their love for each other and their family. It’s kinda like a real-life Cosby show. (Please no inappropriate jokes… I know some of y’all were thinking of a few… 😅). Just watch and I’m sure you, too, will love the love.

They tell each other and the world why they love each other.

They go on fun dates even if they’re stuck in the house, thanks to their kids. 

They enjoy each other’s company and have a great time with their children on vacation.

One of the reason why I love their love is because they don’t sugarcoat their relationship and act like they don’t ever get into arguments. In quite a few of their videos, they’ve admitted to their relationship not being picture perfect. However, they seem to have such a clear communication style, a high level of respect for one another, a healthy foundation and a true understanding of what they want for themselves, their children and their family that little disagreements here and there won’t crumble their strong relationship. This is super refreshing to see from a Black family on YouTube because oftentimes the American media exploits dysfunction in the Black family. This is why they are my #relationshipgoals because they really show that a healthy and balanced relationship is truly possible – not easy at all – but totally possible and that just makes the hopeless romantic in me smile with love.

Do you view a certain couple as #relationshipgoals? If so, let me know below!

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