is your life getting messy? take a pause & clean up a bit


“When you are near the middle of your life, often God will do outrageous things to knock you back on course.”

― Shannon L. Alder

Life can definitely get messy. No one is immune to its heavy clutter at times whether figuratively and/or literally. When life seems to be a blur and you finally pause and realize that it is an utter and total mess, try not to judge yourself, take a step back, see what’s happening and its root causes, breathe, see the beauty of the mess, and begin the process of cleaning up a bit. Life will probably not ever be pristine but life can be pretty if we take these steps whenever life gets filled with junk that doesn’t serve our highest good. One of my favorite singers, Amel Larrieux has the perfect song that can help you get through the process so I’d like to share. It’s titled See Where You Are. Listen and start cleaning, my friend. You got life to be living, loving and coloring in new shades!

What are your go-to tips when you’re feeling like your life is getting messy? Let me know below!

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