ever need perspective?

just check out your relationship between you and the Universe


We have all been guilty at being caught up in our tiny bubble of life until something drastic happens externally that puts everything in perspective. Usually, this life altering event happens on Earth. However, whenever you find yourself in the weeds of your life, there is a great and easy way to add perspective, usually resulting in you realizing how minuscule your problems truly are in the vastness of life, and that is by viewing the relationship between you and the Universe. Just think. The Universe is so grand which makes our existence so tiny in comparison. It doesn’t mean we are not important but we are not the end all, be all of everything. I guess you can truly say the world does not revolve around us and if some of you need some help recognizing this, I got you. Watch the video that was originally produced by Buzzfeed that shows you in comparison to the Universe. It’s truly humbling.

Watched it? Talk about life-altering right? If you ever need perspective, just bookmark this page and refer to it as many times as you need to in order to check yourself and your ego at the door! I promise you. It helps!

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