sexy man cooks spaghetti

sexy man = moonlight's trevante rhodes a.k.a. everyone's bae, need i say more?


I must admit seeing someone cook spaghetti is usually not the most exciting thing in the world, especially when you know the basics on how to make it. However, Trevante Rhodes somehow knows how to make it entertaining. Hmmm I wonder why… Maybe it’s because he looks like this:

And has a sweet personality to boot.

The Moonlight breakout star was on a web series, What’s Cookin’? with a charming female host, and Funny or Die producer, Michael Burke. If you’re wondering why I don’t have know the name of the host, it’s not due to lack of research but this video’s origin being a complete mystery to me. I don’t believe it’s connected to the uploader, Top Vines but I have no clue where else it could be from after much Google and social media searching so if anyone knows more about this video, please let me know in the comments. Actually, she may have said her name later in the video and I was completely distracted to catch it. 😍 That’s understandable, right? Right. Anyway, you can watch and enjoy the hilarious video that features a blindfolded Burke guessing what Trevante is cooking. It’s funny, it’s adorable and it’s sexy, all thanks to Trevante and maybe the other two folks. 😆 (Can you tell the bias I have? Sorry that man is too fine and he cooks? Whew… almost too much for this TV Thursday *fans herself*)

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