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3 beautiful performances that’ll surely move your soul


There are performances and then, there are performances. The kind that reaches into your soul and tugs at it. The kind that grabs your deepest emotions and shows them to the world. The kind that makes you have mood swings in one song. The kind that makes you think back to the time when… The kind that fills you up with pride, gratitude, and happiness. The kind that makes you feel connected to humanity as a whole. There are plenty of classic performances like this that I could show from the great archives of music. However, I picked three performances that are brand new like Tank and the Bangas recent winning Tiny Desk performance and transformative like Aloe Blacc collaboration with Mihalj “Miki” Kekenj Quartet and Jaybo by MADE and simply lovely like Emily King’s Audiotree live performance. Watch below and feel those good vibes!

Tank and The Bangas
Tiny Desk Performance
NPR Music

Aloe Blacc with Mihalj “Miki” Kekenj Quartet and Jaybo
Moments with Aloe Blacc, Miki and Jaybo Performance

Emily King
In Studio Full Session
Audiotree Live

Have you seen any incredible soul-filled performances lately? Let me know below!

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