signature sound in progress

listen to Chloe x Halle's lovely search of their signature sound


Every creative knows that there are key steps to formulating your signature imprint on your chosen art form. Let’s say you’re a writer, for instance. In order to come up with your own signature, you have to read closely and study the writers that tickle your fancy. And then you write for awhile, incorporating a variety of influences until you come up with the perfect chemistry that defines your voice.

The same can be said about musicians, singers and songwriters. The most incredible artists usually go through a period where they are testing out different sounds and genres before they get to know what they bring uniquely to the table. A great example of this is Marvin Gaye. Prior to his signature layered ad-libs and soulful sounds, his voice was reminiscent to one of his musical heroes, Nat King Cole. It took years until he was able to hone his own signature sound that everyone knows him for. Right now, it seems like a certain group is right in the middle of their searching stage and it’s lovely to listen to them go through many colors of sounds figuring out which hues are the right fit for them. Also, lucky for us, they have plenty of time to reach that point.

Chloe x Halle is a sister duo that are not even old enough to drink but has a musical palette well beyond their years. Under Beyonce’s label, Parkwood Entertainment, these two sangers (yes I wrote ‘sangers’ on purpose) are finding depths that lots of young artists wish they could reach. They recently released a dope mixtape titled The Two of Us and it’s the perfect setting for them to go wild with different textures and styles. Between Chloe’s Beyonce-esque inflections and Halle’s soothing jazzy tones, this duo proves that they are able to handle soft melodies and hard beats with no problem while maintaining perfect harmonies throughout – a beautiful tapestry for the senses. There are moments where I simply close my eyes and vibe the hell out and then there are moments where I thought the songs could use some fine-tuning but it’s a mixtape so who cares? Sometimes, we have to just sit back and enjoy an artist’s free musical expression where he/she are playing with their inspirations and figuring out what signature sound they wish to bring to the table. It may take years for Chloe x Halle but the journey will be a fun one with these two talented ladies so I invite all of you to listen to their mixtape below and witness their growth organically. If you love alternative R&B/Pop, then I am willing to bet you’ll love this one.

Listen to the mixtape and let me know you think!

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