How random am I? Well just read my 10 recent thoughts…


If you’re ever curious about how my brain works on a Sunday night well here you go, my friend. I’d love to read your random thoughts whenever you’re reading this (probably on a Tuesday ;)) because I just love random thoughts. I’m weird like that. 😛

1) I love labels. I am INFJ, Type 6, Pisces In Moon and Leo In Sun. I am also a lot of other things too. Labels contextualize my place in the world and make me feel less alone in the world so throw labels on me all day. I don’t care. At the end of the day, I get to pick and choose what defines me and that’s pretty freakin’ awesome!

2) Definition of me is more so an imaginative exploration of me. I mean definition is not really definite in the broader context of life, right?

3) Do labels help the divide and conquer system? Or is it the perception of labels?

4) Generalized Anxiety Disorder can kick my ass but I always get back up. Every. Single. Time.

5) I shop for food like folks shop for clothes. I just love food.

6) I think Moonlight might be my new favorite film. Before watching that movie, my fave was The Wedding Planner so Moonlight had some tough competition right there.

7) I am just realizing how random my taste in film truly is at times with that last thought.

8) I am pregnant like every day…with food, of course.

9) Gym…I will meet up with you very soon.

10) Frank Ocean and James Fauntleroy needs to collab on an album. Listening to Dying for Your Love is giving me life, love, and liberty!

11) Am I the only Black person who haven’t seen Get Out yet?

12) Depression can sneak up on you at the oddest of times.

13) I wish I could randomly break into song at work. Le sigh… I do still dance in my chair sometimes.

14) It’s so hard to break out of the traditional way of thinking when it comes to success. Success truly has nothing to do with career. Success has everything to do with peace of mind. … At least in my humble opinion.

15) Your life matters…your life matters…your life matters….right here, right now, just as it is… (Please feel free to use this as your mantra… I think I’ll use it too)

Well, thanks for reading my randomness on this fine Tuesday. What are your recent thoughts? I’d love to read how random you are! Share below. 🙂

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