your life matters period.


Now before you go on a tirade about All Lives Matter vs. Black Lives Matter. This post ain’t about that. In fact, the whole argument is old and I’m over that. This is simply a friendly reminder to everyone who is reading this that your life matters. A lot of us have this warped sense of self that makes us feel inferior to others. We believe that our lives are not worth much, especially compared to so and so. Well, who the hell made you think that what they are doing is so much better than what you are doing? Oh, I get it. You are not feeling good about your life and their lives look amazing. It could be amazing. It could be shitty for them. The circumstances of folks’ lives play a small role in how people feel internally. Your life is a gorgeous creation that you and the Universe manifested together. I know sometimes it’s hard to see your life like that because it may not feel that good but those tough moments…those tough moments are the most beautiful ones because they lead us to our growth, to our empathy, to our strength, to our complexity, to our humanity. I just can’t imagine God having a spirit come to a movie theater in heaven for their life review, only to condemn them for their choices, knowing exactly why he or she went down that path to begin with. I can see that individual spirit judging themselves in that moment because they are so close to their human experience so judgment is imminent. However, I believe God is so much greater than judgment. I know I’ll hit a few nerves with that last statement but God is love, right? So I think God would love every single life because they simply existed. Now if only we can remember how God views us, all of these superficial constructs of status would fall down so quickly. Ah…maybe one day.

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