why the iphone weather app is a fraud


This post is only for the iphone users. I don’t know about the rest of y’all… šŸ‘€ I kid. I kid. Everyone, please join me – iphone users and non-iphone users alike – as I tell the magical story of the weather app that ain’t shit. Total fraud. Total. Fraud.

Have you ever checked the iphone weather app the night before your work day to prepare an outfit suitable for the climate? For instance, you may find yourself picking out a skirt when you see it’s 71 degrees and sunny. Now, have you ever checked the weather app that morning and you see it’s actually 38 degrees and rainy. It’s like that damn weather app played a jedi mind trick on you and you weren’t ready. Now you got to find that wool coat and rain boots last minute because the app realized the error of its ways yet again and changed up on you. And yet, we continue to use it. It’s like that ex that won’t go away because that person is convenient and just there so… I mean why not keep going back only to get our hopes crushed again!? That ex = this app. And don’t get me started on meteorologists with their “I want a blizzard so bad” selves. šŸ˜’

Anyway, Imma go because I got to get myself together for tomorrow and according to the weather app, it will be 75 degrees and rainy so let me put on my sweater and shorts because you just never know with this crazy damn weather and its ever changing app.

Have you ever had issues with your weather app’s lying ways? Let’s vent together!

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