throwback! series [pt.1]

my top 5 favorite music monday posts


Hiya! As most of you know, I decided to take a break from blogging due to absolute burnout. Since then, I have totally revamped the look of my site because what better way to regain passion for a project than a makeover, right? I was contemplating all kinds of ideas to change up my blog in even more drastic ways and I’ve decided (for now) to keep the schedule and content as is. (Yay to making decisions! *throws confetti*) And although I am still taking a break from writing new content, I thought it would be cool to take a look back at my older posts and pick out my personal standouts over the last year and a half so without further adieu, here are my top 5 favorites from the Music Monday section:

Not Like Here: vibrant sounds crash on this track by mar | I guess I hold this post near and dear to me because this is my very first post on this blog and at the time, I was trying new things to separate myself from everyone and I thought, why not combine my love for poetry and music together!? So originally Music Monday’s sole purpose was to take a song that I enjoyed and write a poem based around it, whether directly or indirectly through the lyrics, sounds, and vibes. It challenged my poetic skills because I had to write something on the spot. I really enjoyed it and I absolutely loved it when the artist actually read it and commented. That’s like icing on the cake! | READ & LISTEN HERE

No Fucks Given: Beyonce & Co. celebrate Blackness proudly | Last year during Black History Month, I noticed that there was this surge of mainstream Black artists speaking out for their people and uplifting their culture. As a Black 90s gal, I enjoyed this wave immensely especially since I grew up on A Different World, Public Enemy, U Will Know by Black Men United, and Malcolm X. So I had to write something when one of the biggest names in music decided to say “Fuck It” and celebrate herself and her culture with Formation. | READ & LISTEN HERE

Two Black female bloggers have a seat at Solange’s Table | One of my favorite bloggers is Kelley of Gray Suede. The genesis of this piece was me commenting on one of her many brilliant posts and we started to go back and forth about our love of all things Solange, especially her latest album, A Seat at the Table. I then quickly got the idea to collaborate with her on this review of the album. It was such a joy to continue our conversation and really gush about this incredible record. It’s probably the nicest review ever but hey, it was and still is our true feelings about this amazing album. Also, fun fact: This was my first collaboration on my blog. | READ & LISTEN HERE

Dedicated to my Ladies: listen to these 7 indie songs that celebrate our womanliness | Honestly, this was a bit tough to search through Soundcloud for tracks that tied in with the theme but eventually, I came across a goldmine of dope songs that’ll make any woman feel proud. I also love this post so much because all of the songs are by artists that most Americans don’t really know about or don’t realize their full collection of music. I love sharing hidden gems and although in some circles, these artists are the best thing since peanut butter and jelly, a lot of people, unfortunately, don’t pay attention to artists that are not on the Billboard 100 so this was fun to showcase their work! | READ & LISTEN HERE

So tardy for George Michael’s Party: hope he forgives me | This was such fun to put together because I was literally in the middle of discovering this legend’s incredible work and the exploration of new sounds, whether well known or not, is always thrilling for a music lover like myself. However, I had to admit to myself and to everyone that it was pretty sad I was so late with his music so I played on that with a sweet little note to Mr. George Michael. I’d like to think he’ll forgive me, especially after creating a playlist that features songs from his Wham! days to his Patience era. | READ & LISTEN HERE

Well that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any favorites from Music Monday or music in general, please share below! I’d love to read and listen to what you’re vibin’ to!

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