Throwback! Series [pt. 2]

my top 5 favorite talk tuesday posts


There’s nothing like a good conversation especially one that dives into a variety of topics with depth. Talk Tuesday is all about starting a dialogue with all of you about topics that truly matter like spam and why both versions of it (internet nuisance and food) shouldn’t exist, how small talk would be so much more interesting if it was completely honest and the top signs that you are single as f. I bet you can only imagine how riveting these conversations were when I brought these subjects up. Of course, I talk about other simple topics like health, wellness, society and peace too. I mean nothing that deep… 😉 I also go a little personal at times, sharing some life updates and lessons I’ve learned along the way. So as I stated in yesterday’s post, I think it’s a great time to share my faves since I’m still taking a break from posting new material so without further adieu, here are my top 5 favorite posts from the Talk Tuesday section:

5 signs you love food a little too much | I think it should be pretty obvious why this post is one of my favorites – it’s all about the joys of food! This post was so fun to write because I got to share my gluttony with all of you and show my silly side which earlier in my blogging life, I didn’t do that often. | READ HERE

Let’s talk about solutions, shall we? | In a world where there are so many problems, you’d think the most highly debated topic of would be how to solve these issues. Unfortunately, that’s not really the case. There are many articles and news stories dissecting the problems without getting to the best part – the solutions. So I thought, “Well, I would be the kettle calling black or however that saying goes if I complained about my problem with journalists and people, in general, talking about the world’s problems” so I decided to take a proactive approach and offer plenty of solutions that we can all do to bring about change in our own small way. With the help of my family, I came up with a long list of ideas so I was very happy to share that and not be a walking contradiction (for once in my life 🙃). | READ HERE

10 Things From Back In My Day That Millennials Probably Have No Clue About | I used to have this co-worker who always started  conversations with “well…back in my day” and now I find myself saying it already when it comes to millennials. Unlike my co-worker, I know there’s not that much of an age difference but some of us in our early 30s feel so disconnected to what 20 somethings are into or even experiencing. So I just wanted to share my rant – in a funny way of course because at the end of the day, it ain’t that serious. | READ HERE

Can people on social media have an opinion anymore? | Again, I needed to vent because I was tired of people being bashed for simply having a different opinion on social media. I think the worse I’ve seen it is on Twitter. Folks are ready to pounce on anything and anyone that says or does something that is against their beliefs and usually, it’s something so miniscule that it’s ridiculous, at least, in my opinion. So I enjoyed exploring this topic and finding others who were just as annoyed as me. Sometimes, it’s just healthy to get shit off your chest. | READ HERE

Be Peace In The End | This one is truly near and dear to my heart because it’s one of my most personal posts I’ve ever written in my over 10 years of blogging. It’s super encouraging and the whole purpose is to try motivate people to keep living life and not let any depression get in the way from living – literally. I was absolutely inspired by Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch while writing this because there was a passage in his final book of the series that was so moving that I’ve never thought about the end again and I pray you’ll find the inspiration to not ever travel there either if you can help it. 🙏🏽 | READ HERE

Well, that’s it!

What are some of your favorite Talk Tuesday posts? Or what are some of your favorite topics to talk about in general? Let’s talk about it!

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