throwback! series [pt. 3]

my top 5 favorite wise wednesday posts


Good vibes. Good vibes. Good vibes! That’s what Wise Wednesday is all about. The title of this section may seem like I got all the answers but I’m more like Sway when it comes to life’s questions. However, that doesn’t stop me from spreading peace, positivity and love as much as I can on this blog. And while I’m taking a break from writing new posts, I thought why not take a look back at posts that really boost those frequencies to higher ones so without further adieu, here are my top 5 favorite posts from the Wise Wednesday section:

My Grandad and A Hug – A Magical Story about the Power of Prayer | If you ever want to read a heartwarming story, then read this! Lifetime ain’t got nothing on me. 😆 This true story is about how my grandad answered my prayer for a hug in a very unexpected way. Let’s just say it was supernatural, surreal, and super sweet! | READ HERE

My Sister and A Sprig of Rosemary – A Funny Story on the Power of Synchronicity | I guess you can say that I really love my storytime posts. It’s wonderful to share stories that speak on the brillance of the Universe, God, and life in general. This one in particular was great to tell because my sister and I were both amazed how a sprig of rosemary showed up at the perfect time. I know it sounds random as f and it is but just read the story and see why this moment stood out for the both of us. | READ HERE

To Television or To Tell A Vision – That Tis the Question This is one of my favorites because it explores my more analytical side. It also shows a glimpse on how I view certain aspects in society and its heavy influence. Television, to me, is a great source of entertainment but also a great source of mind programming. I try my best to explain my position on this and I think I did a pretty decent job at it. I was talking about certain aspects of the film Get Out before the movie came out. 🤓☕️🥄😳😆 All of those emojis will totally make sense if you watched the movie. If you’re even later than me with viewing this film, then please go to your nearest theater and check it out! Incredible film that speak on themes similar to this very post. | READ HERE

No one has your life and no one ever will | It’s interesting how life works. I wrote this post awhile ago and published it on a previous blog. (Yes, sometimes I repurpose my posts from my older blogs. Don’t judge me. 😏) I made a few edits and then posted it on this one and the response was amazing. Funny enough, on my old blog, it didn’t get much traction but for some reason, the Universe came through for a sista and aligned this post with some dope people – like the successful fellow blogger, Kim of The Natural Fashionista and the very talented singer/songwriter JoJo who both shared it with their supporters and said the sweetest comments about this post. I guess the message of self-love and self-worth will never get old and always resonate with people from all walks of life. I’m proud to contribute to this timely message in my own small way. | READ HERE

What can we learn from the flowers that surround us This one is not nearly as popular as the last one but still means the world to me. It’s one of my more poetic posts in this section and it’s one of those pieces of writing that flowed through me as if God just took my hand and guided it all the way through to the end. I love moments like that and I believe every creative has experience that feeling at least once in their lives. Such an incredible feeling and such a lovely creation every time it happens. Thankful to God every single time it happens and every time it doesn’t happen. Anytime I get words on a page that mean something to someone else is a blessing honestly. | READ HERE

That’s all folks.

What posts have resonated with you in the Wise Wednesday section? What wise words, in general, have made an impact on your life? Let me know!

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