throwback! series [pt. 4]

my top 5 favorite TV Thursday posts


When I see dope shit, I want to share it. That’s pretty much TV Thursday in a sentence. I am a frequent viewer of YouTube and Facebook so when I see something that is inspirational, informative, hilarious and/or touching, I immediately think of you guys! Whether it’s a video about buying from Black businesses only or a meditation clip that helped me calm down during an anxious moment, my goal for Thursdays is to create a mini network of media that I’d love to see on television one day. I guess you can say it’s my assorted version of OWN network. 😆 So without further adieu, here are my top 5 favorite posts in TV Thursday section:

I worked at Walt Disney World and this is what happened | When I saw the hilarious stories about working at Disney from YouTube sensation, Swoozie, I knew I had to share my Disney experience. Plus, I realized that I never told you guys that story so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share some of his comical stories and mines in one big mashup. I think it turned out pretty good if I say so myself. | READ HERE

Missing Atlanta and Insecure? Binge-watch these 5 fantastic shows from indie Black & Sexy TV network | I know a lot of people love Atlanta and Insecure but I also know a good chunk of those viewers have no clue about Black & Sexy TV, an independent, Black-owned network that features shows very aligned with the two popular newcomers. So I thought I do my due diligence and share my favorite shows from the network that would fit perfectly with this audience. Hopefully, I put on a few more people to this great network. | READ HERE

Live a little, laugh a lot – 5 sistas who’ll have you in stitches | I picked this one as one of my faves because these sistas are very funny and the response was amazing. Two of the featured ladies shared this post and it spread like wildfire, making it my most popular blog post to date. | READ HERE

Stop the comparison, Start the compassion | In Western society, we have this mindset of being “better than” due to this underlying need for competition. Unfortunately, we can lose compassion and perspective under this pressure. Fortunately, there are beautiful wildflowers – like Diandra Janelle Heaven Rose- who never forget the compassion and they spread this message loudly and clearly. Thank God. | READ HERE

What’s in your anxiety toolbox? | If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while then you probably know why this post is one of my favorites. If you’re clueless, I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and I appreciate a good toolbox, especially for anxiety! Also, Laura Miller and her friends are my kind of people. When you watch the video, you’ll know what I mean – they ooze out good vibes! | READ HERE

That’s it! 😊

What are your faves from the TV Thursday section? Or what is your current TV obsession? Let me know below! 

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