Throwback Series [pt. 5]

my top 5 favorite posts from the Freestyle Friday section


Freestyle Friday was once a place where I could post whatever I wanted from art to rants to proses but over time, I realized I wanted to streamline it to a more specific concept so I decided to make it a space to share poetry – mines and others. However, you never know with me – it may morph into something else over time. That’s the best part about this section – I really emphasize the “free” in freestyle. So without further adieu, here are my top 5 favorite posts from the Freestyle Friday section:

A poem I wrote about unconditional love | What can I say? I love love and expressing it in all its many delicate layers. With this poem, I highlighted the deepest and hardest layer – the unconditional love. | READ HERE

A poem I wrote about waves, whispers and wonders | I have to be honest. A lot of the poems I feature in this section were previously written. Every once in awhile, I’ll write a fresh poem to share. This was one of those rare occasions and I just love the gentle rhythm of it and how it goes with the theme of the poem. Very proud of this one and I thank God for this because it really did just flow through me. | READ HERE

This is dedicated to anyone who has ever played that game of love | I don’t really consider myself a singer. Just a writer who can carry a little melody and harmony. For this post, I used one of my poems from my ebook, Life In Technicolor Vol. 1: LOVE as the lyrics for a song and I think it turned out pretty good. | READ HERE

10 funny moments that only those with the name Tunisia would understand | When you meet someone with your unique name, you got to write about it. That was definitely the case with me when a fellow Tunisia contacted me on Pinterest. Let’s just say we had some funny stories to share with each other and with you. | READ HERE

God is not monolithic | The title came to me randomly and it just hit me. I quickly knew I had to write a little more about this in a post and I enjoyed exploring this subject matter. I try to go from the silly to the serious and sometimes, combine the two! This one is more of a “Can we all just get along and co-exist with our individual viewpoints of the Source without condemnation and war?” type of post. | READ HERE

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