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Hello! Welcome to my little space. I am so delighted that you took a little time out of your day to view my website. However, this space is not really just mines. I wish for this space to be yours too! Although my name is attached to the title, this website goes way beyond me. In fact, this little corner of the web is my way of offering you (and myself to be honest) a place to let go and let God by sharing music, art, writing, and multimedia projects that is meant to uplift, inspire, challenge, motivate and elevate all of us collectively and individually. My ultimate goal is to create a little community of artistic, creative, beautiful folks, like yourself, that wish to see a change in our personal lives and the world that surrounds us through positive energy, authentic connection, open conversation, enlightenment, and fun. (Yes, I know that sounds uber cheesy but it’s really my goal folks! :P)

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A Personal Note

Apparently, my reading and comprehension skills were atrocious as a child. This fact was especially obvious in my homework assignments. I remember my mother’s sighs and older sister’s comments as they scoured my paper with black pens, asking questions, changing words, adding punctuation, and challenging phrases with circles and strikethroughs. The only solace I found was in my editors’ choices of ink color. It could have been worse—my papers could have been bloodied and on the brink of death from being torn apart with scarlet lettering. I would have never guessed that twenty years later, I would be working towards being a professional blogger. Life has a way of being ironic in that regard.

Despite my growing pains, I was, albeit unintentionally, preparing for this endeavor. The preparation started around my teenage years when I was filled with angst and needed an outlet to release my emotions. A blue notebook became my therapist and my poetry became our sessions. At the time, poetry was the perfect way to express myself because there were no set rules, no set structure, and my idealistically critical family did not have to read it; naturally, I did not feel inadequate while writing it. I began to think less about whether my writing was good or not. I just needed to express myself and have my voice heard— even just silently, on the written page.

Also around this time the Internet was brought into my home, changing my life significantly. I began dabbling in graphic and web design, creating e-newsletters, learning basic HTML and creating a few websites. In addition, I began to take more risks with my writing, stretching it beyond the confines of the abstract utterances in my poems to literal sequences in short stories. Though my short stories, mostly fan-fiction, were not reminiscent to classic literature, I kept churning them out because writing had become my escape and a labor of love.

By the time I was a freshman at Temple University, I’d decided I wanted to specialize in Graphic Design, as I had begun to think of it as more than a hobby. I came to realize, however, I did not meet many of the qualifications needed to enter the major. Devastated by this setback, I went to school aimlessly for the first two years with no major until my counselor suggested an English degree: I dove into it head first. While studying English, I improved immensely as a writer with the help of six key elements: analysis, research, organization, focus, clarity, and engagement—which have spilled over into my professional life and life as a writer and blogger respectively.

I’ve created many blogs over the last ten years that have boiled down to this incarnation you see today. I have also written six poetry e-books—three in a series titled Life In Technicolor (LOVE, WAR & PEACE) and three in another series titled Narcissism & Notes (Narcissism, Notes and Niceties, Narcissism, Notes and Numinous and Narcissism Notes and Nothing). Additionally, my work has been published in the South Jersey Journal newspaper’s official website (www.southjerseyjournal.com) as well as two blogs, an article in Kindness Blog and a poetry collaboration on IIThinks.

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