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Thank you so much for checking out my projects featuring some of my creative works. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them! Peace and love to you! 🙂


Narcissism Notes and Niceties, Narcissism, Notes, Niceties, Numinous, Abstract, Art

“Enjoyed reading Narcissism, Notes & Niceties. Keep writing!

[You] have something special. ”

JoJo, Singer, Songwriter, Actress

In today’s age of selfies and selfishness, it only seems fitting to produced a poetry book by me, possibly about me. The Narcissism and Notes Series, featuring Narcissism, Notes and Niceties and Narcissism, Notes and Numinous is a collection of poems that are mainly written in a single moment of my life, semi-reflecting personal thoughts and emotions in that exact time period with some artistic liberties of course. Most of the poems were written in one day and shared with the public just for kicks! So if you are in the mood for random thoughts, mixed feelings and quirky stories, then please read here: Narcissism, Notes & Niceties | Narcissism, Notes & Numinous | Narcissism, Notes & Nothing

Life In Technicolor, Life, Technicolor, Art, Abstract

“Love is a familiar territory if you’ve been searching and knowing its radiance. At times it takes a poet skilled in language to put it all in perspective for the millions in line waiting for commitment and security. As I continued to read, it struck me that Tunisia Jolyn never bashed love, whether it’s received or turned down. Her verbal breakdown of the verb is fascinating.

Personally, I’ve never read a book that makes you want to alter your opinions about love within five minutes of reading. This weekend, my plans are to book a second hot date with Life in Technicolor | Volume 1: LOVE.”

kYmberly keeton, Authorpreneur, Digital Publisher, Collector, Art Librarian

Love. War. Peace. — Cliché words flipped and turned on its head for poetry’s sake. That’s what Life In Technicolor Series: Volumes 1-3 is all about — making the grandiose topics into bite size moments of introspection. These poetry e-books explore the three topics –love, war and peace–exhaustively, examining the many intricacies on the surface as well as the deep emotions underneath the obvious. Please read them here: Volume 1: LOVE | Volume 2: WAR | Volume 3: PEACE


rough draft, ep, music, indie, abstract, art

With just Garageband and a prayer, Rough Draft EP was an unplanned project that came to fruition seamlessly, featuring selected acapella demos by yours truly. Reflecting on love, society and spirituality, this EP is a great introduction to my creative process lyrically and musically. All of the songs are sung, written and produced by me. If you are curious about my sounds, then don’t hesitate and listen now HERE.

Love In Technicolor EP features spoken word pieces based on some of the poems in my ebook, Life in Technicolor Vol. 1: LOVE. This collection of songs is meant to be a teaser for future projects featuring acapella arrangements of only three poems in the original volume. All of the songs are sung, written and produced by me. Please listen and vibe now HERE.

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